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Mr Samuel Choi
Mr Samuel Choi
aiM Capital Consortium Founder
JPMorgan Asset management Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) - CAO
Deloitte - ex-Partner

Mr Choi has 27 years of extensive experience in Asian private family office management, quantitative hedge funds, and transnational financial services. He has unique experience in risk management, securities and futures commission license management and fund manager restructuring and transformation. He has also led many cross-border mergers and acquisitions and corporate reorganizations in the financial sector. In dealing with complex pre-acquisition (and pre-acquisition) corporate due diligence, there is personal practical experience that can be shared with senior executives of the company to be listed.

Before that, Mr Choi also served as a consultant to government agencies, advising on the operation of the internal audit and treasury department. He has a thorough understanding of the thinking of regulatory agencies, which is very helpful for future negotiations between the proposed listing and regulatory agencies.