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Dr Harry Xia
Dr Harry Xia
Adjunct Associate Professor at HKU SPACE Senior Executive Academy
Associate Professor, Craig School of Business, Department of Finance and Business Law, California State University, Fresno

Dr Xia is currently an Associate Professor at the California State University Business School. He is also a Visiting Professor at many universities in Hong Kong and mainland China, teaching  courses in financial management and financial accounting for EMBA classes.

Prior to his teaching career, Dr Xia worked in various multinational corporations, including Coca-Cola Company. He was the Financial Controller of Ticketmaster, the largest ticketing company in the United States, in charge of financial investment management in China and Hong Kong. He was also the CFO of OSI Group in China and Asia Pacific, in charge of operations and risk management. He has nearly 20 years of experience in corporate operations, market and financial investment management, and is well versed in market operations.

Dr Xia also has extensive experience in the medical education industry. Since 2005, he has served as the Secretary General of the Shanghai Health Management Seminar and is responsible for the training and assessment of internationally certified health management experts at the Ministry of Health in Shanghai. He is also a member of the Health and Insurance Committee of China Medical Association and the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, and has a comprehensive understanding of the Mainland medical system. Dr Xia received the 2015 Outstanding Teacher Award from the Academy in recognition of his passion for teaching.

Dr Xia has a Master's degree in management from the University of Houston and a Doctorate in management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.