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Key Details

Class schedule:

Part-time mode, one module everytime, 15 months


Hong Kong and Overseas

Medium of Instruction:

English (translation provided) and Mandarin

​​Next Intake:

3nd Cohort, Commencement in Sep 2022

Going public is a significant milestone in a company’s development. However, this initial public offering (IPO) exercise is a complicated and time-consuming process loaded with hurdles and contingencies.

To leverage the capital markets to provide expansion capital is an increasingly important strategic consideration for enterprises in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  To these expanding fast-growing companies, having the companies’ shares listed in the recognised stock exchanges (both within Greater China or overseas jurisdictions) is an important business strategic decision. 

The IPO process is a complex and demanding process which requires lots of in-house and external expertise.  These IPO-bound companies are facing tremendous challenges when executing their respective IPO plans which could include:

  • Devising a commercially-viable capital structure
  • Implementing strategies for value creation of stakeholders
  • Establishing the necessary governance & risk management systems
  • Ensuring proper resource integration
  • Inviting private equity and strategic investors to build the shareholder base
  • Formulating the succession planning for the controlling shareholder families

Early and Holistic preparation shall be the Key Success Factors for successful IPOs.

International Exposure
With both leading scholars from internationally-acclaimed universities and business leaders in the region joining the faculty team, the programme equips students with the international exposure which is key for success in today’s capital market.

Global Alumni Network
Students will join a global community with outstanding academia and alumni network across the world. The various alumni events (i.e., seminars, forums, visits, study tours) will not only enable you to broaden your network but also to think and work on a global scale.

Internationally-recognized Certificate
Students who completed all required modules and passed all assessments will be awarded the “Postgraduate Diploma in Public Financings and Capital Markets;, a postgraduate qualification recognized by countries across the world, which include but not limited to United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, India, Chile, Brazil, Singapore.

We will be serving the development needs for a broad range of students in light of the multi-disciplinary nature and complexity of the IPO exercise. 

  • Corp Seniors - Chairman, CEO, managing director, directors, statutory supervisors, general manager. Company secretaries
  • Corp Task Force - COO, CFO, CIO, Group legal counsel, and other members of the special task force team of IPO-bound companies
  • High Net Worth Group - Controlling shareholders and the representative from the respective Family Offices
  • Professionals - Professionals working in financial institutions and other intermediaries serving listed / IPO-bound companies

This programme aims to develop senior executives in IPO-bound companies and related financial companies to break through the financing bottlenecks by

  • conducting critical analyze of the multi-layer capital markets,
  • integrating capital planning with various corporate financing alternatives, and
  • devising the corporate capital strategy as well as associated IPO implementation plan.

The programme will also prepare the participating senior executives to devise the appropriate pre-IPO planning, IPO execution and post-IPO statutory and regulatory obligations plans. This will be achieved by achieving a comprehensive understanding of the IPO process as well as respective roles of IPO professional advisers to enable students to spearhead the effective implementation of the IPO exercise.

On completion of the programme, students should be able to

  • Devise an appropriate listing structure to satisfy the operational requirements of the primary and secondary markets, major capital markets and financial regulators;
  • Integrate application of corporate finance strategies as well as critically evaluate incidental markets operations to formulate an effective overall IPO strategy;
  • Integrate various finance and business management disciplines and practical skills to organize various aspects for executing the IPO exercise;
  • Establish and regularize corporate governance and risk management systems to meet expectations from stakeholders such as regulators and investors;
  • Amalgamate the IPO plan with formulation of the appropriate wealth succession plan with respect to the wealth management requirements of the controlling shareholder (and family) as well as respective market operation requirements.
  • Residential Workshop — From Being Excellent To Exceeding;

  • Capital Operations and Financial Management

  • Corporate Governance and Compliance Management

  • M&A and Corporate Restructuring


  • Private Equity and Strategic Investor Management


  • Strategic Value Management
  • IPO Planning and Operations


  • Post-IPO Obligation and Investor Relations


  • Family Office and Succession Planning


  • Overseas Study Tour


  • Final Project

On top of these module, students are required to participate in a compulsory 4-day overseas field visit so that to bring additional element of global perspective to this programme. The planned overseas field visit composes of overseas lectures, theme talks and discussion as well as corporate visits.

The planned agenda include:

  • Comprehend the capital markets, global economy and US political impact to the IPO markets;
  • Grasp the key issues in IPO plan & execution, Capital investment strategy and investors roadshows;
  • Attain a good command of post-IPO management peculiarities in post-IPO regulatory requirements, investor relations management as well as rating & valuation drivers;
  • Topical interests including blockcahin & ICO as well as change management & leadership.

(The school reserves the right to make changes in the content, speakers, as well as institutions for site visit.)

The faculty team is composed of leading scholars and business leaders across the world. With extensive experience in both the industry and academia, PFCM Faculty team will bring both global and local perspectives for the students.


Postgraduate Diploma in Public Financing and Capital Market
Students who successfully completed the non-credit bearing module "Residential Workshop", and all the assessment of the 9 credit-bearing modules, will be awarded the certificate “Postgraduate Diploma in Public Financing and Capital Market”.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree awarded by a recognized university;
  • Hold a senior management positions within current organization
  • Have at least 10 years of relevant work experience
  • Be recommended/sponsored by current working institution

Programme Fees

Tuition fee:

HKD 318,000
(The tuition fee includes the cost of teaching materials and accommodation. The cost of transportation and Visa expenses are not included.)

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In order to encourage ICB and SEA alumni to practice the concept of "lifelong learning" and move toward higher career goals, SEA will set up the "ICB and SEA Alumni Lifelong Learning Scholarship" (HK$30,000 for each eligible alumni) to support continuous breakthroughs and excellence, and continue their studies and pursue a series of executive courses offered by SEA in conjunction with the world's top educational institutions such as Cambridge University Business School and KEDGE Business School.

China Mainland - North China & West China

Mr Quaker Gui

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China Mainland - East China
Ms Lauren Luo
Tel: (021) 6841 1263

Room 021, 4/F, Hang Seng Bank Tower, 1000 Lujiazui Ring Rd, LuJiaZui, Pudong Xingqu, Shanghai, PRC

China Mainland - South China
Ms Crystal Feng
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Hong Kong
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