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Prof Ruey-lin Hsiao
Prof Ruey-lin Hsiao
Honorary Professor at HKU SPACE
Professor, Inst. of Technology Innovation & Intellectual Property Management, Chengchi University, Taiwan
Visiting Lecturer, School of Business, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Professor Ruey-lin Hsiao obtained a master's degree in engineering and a doctorate in business from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. He then taught at the National University of Singapore Business School and is currently a full professor at the Institute of Technology Innovation & Intellectual Property Management of the Chengchi University, Taiwan.  His research expertise includes qualitative research methods, service experience, organizational change, inferior innovation, and future urban development. These studies are linked to cross-sector issues such as entrepreneurship, technology, services, and transportation. He is good at diagnosing the "pulse" of technology introduction, enterprise transformation, service innovation, new career creation, etc. His action research goes deep into the business operation mode and interprets contemporary innovation issues; research cooperation companies include Singapore Technology Group, Advantech Computer, UMC, Taiwan's big car team, United Daily News, Taiwan Palace Museum, Hoshino Hotel Group, etc.

He has been invited as an associate editor of internationally renowned journals such as the Information Systems Journal, the Academy of Management Journal Learning & Education, and the Academy of Management Perspective. He is currently the Associate Editor of the European Journal of Innovation Management. He is currently working on promoting original qualitative research and is the guest editor of the "cross-domain qualitative research" of the two major journals of Zhongshan Management Review, Organization and Management.

His publications can be found in internationally revered journals such as Information Systems Journal, Organization Studies, MIS Quarterly Executive, etc., as well as the first-level journals designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, such as Zhongshan Management Review, Organization and Management, Taiwan Management Forum, and Information Management Journal. He is also good at writing academic books in an academic way, introducing innovative theories in in-depth and interesting cases. His award-winning published books include "No Digital Research: The Sense of Qualitative Research", "Technology Sherlock Holmes: Technology Advantages Always Come from Innovation" "Science and Technology: The Human Trajectory of Satellite Dispatch" and "The Thread of Thinking: Innovation May Not Diffuse", etc.  He is preapraing a new book: "Services are created: less force to design logical thinking." His international case was also published in the Richard Ivey case library.