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Mr Chaney Ho
Mr Chaney Ho
Co-founder, Executive Director and Acting General Manager of Advantech Europe

As the Co-founder and Director of Advantech, Chaney Ho is in charge of the company’s global sales and marketing strategies. He is also leading the company in its new branding mission towards “Enabling an Intelligent Planet.” As a result of his leadership, Advantech has received recognition from the prestigious brand consulting firm Interbrand as one of the Top 10 Taiwanese Global Brands.

Through long experience in the company, Chaney has built a reputation as a leader in sales and marketing strategy and in building global brand recognition. While leading Advantech Greater China, Chaney devised a deep penetration marketing strategy for the Chinese market and achieved double-digit growth year after year. Now the greater Chinese market (including China and Taiwan) accounts for 30% of Advantech’s revenue.

In 2010, after Chaney took on Advantech President’s role, he participated in planning Advantech's current vision, "Enabling an Intelligent Planet”, which sped up Advantech's entry into the Internet of Things (IoT) era. Chaney also led the transformation of Advantech’s organisation from being product-oriented to industry-oriented.

Chaney was born in 1954 and graduated from Tatung University in Taiwan. His first job was with HP Taiwan, where he started as an engineer, and worked his way up to become a manager. Prior to joining Advantech, he worked as the General Manager of Inalways Corporation. Under his management, Inalways successfully made its IPO on the OTC market in 1999, and was awarded the National Small and Medium Enterprise Award by the government. Chaney later won personal recognition, receiving the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Professional – General Manager Award, for his management performance with Inalways.

Chaney believes that talent is an enterprise’s most valuable asset, and he likens himself to a coach for young and upcoming talent. He hopes to continue to guide newer employees, sharing insights gained from thirty years of experience.