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Dr Pei-Ran Sun
Dr Pei-Ran Sun
President, Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospital & Clinics Association - Information Development Association
Information Center Deputy Director, China Medical University Hospital
Director, Taiwan Association for Medical Informatics

Dr Pei-ran Sun is currently the Deputy Director of the Hospital Information Center of Chinese Medical University, the President of the Hospital Information and Smart Medical Development Promotion Association of the Association of Private Medical Institutions and a member of the Taiwan Medical Information Society.

Dr Sun focuses on the field of information, creating smart hospital services including smart halls, mobile medicine, smart wards, in-hospital guidance systems and future AIoT applications. Dr Sun's greatest interest is to explore new knowledge about information technology, to integrate it fully with his work, and to enjoy it. The hardworking of medical information field has been constantly seeking new changes, to build smart hospital services including wisdom hall, action medicine, wisdom ward, in-hospital guidance system and future AIoT applications, to the development of smart hospital, patient-centered optimization process, and the highest efficiency to provide high-quality medical services.