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Dr. Jeffrey Wu
Dr. Jeffrey Wu
Spearhead Group Co-President
D&S Media Group Chief Digital Officer
Effie Awards Greater China Executive Vice Chairman
Huxiao Awards Panel Chairman

Dr. Jeffrey Wu is the Co-President of Spearhead, and Chief Digital Officer of D&S Media Group. He is a senior digital marketing expert and a well-known figure in the Chinese digital marketing field.

A graduate of the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University, and with a PhD in International Relations from Fudan University, Dr. Wu is highly experienced in advertising, digital and sports marketing. He has served customers in the automotive, IT, FMCG and entertainment industries, including BMW, Ford, Ford China, Changan Mazda, Dongfeng Honda, Land Wind, Haier, Motorola, China Mobile, Microsoft, PICC, Microsoft, Hongkong Disneyland, TSKF, and Kimberly-Clark. Dr. Wu is also the former Marketing Manager of Beijing Ogilvy Mobile Marketing, President of Creative & Interaction Group, Vice President of Yiche, Chief Strategy Officer of Shunya and Chairman of Paavo Digital.

Currently, Dr. Wu is the Chair of the judging panel for the Huxiao prize, Executive Vice President of the Commerce Business Innovation Committee, Chinese Digital Advertising Association, and Vice President of its Digital Marketing Committee. For many years, he worked as Executive Vice President of Greater China, Effie Awards and has judged many advertising awards such as On Game Net Star League, IAI, TMA, ROI Festival, Golden Tripod Award, Golden Eyes Award, and Times International Chinese Advertising Awards. He is Special Advisor at Phoenix Primary Marketing Research Institute, NetEase think-tank, Tencent think-tank, Intelligent Marketing Research Institute and LETV Marketing Research Institute. He has taught at Central University of Finance and Economics, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Capital University of Economics and Business and Minzu University of China, among others.