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Dr Eric Tsang
Dr Eric Tsang
Adjunct Associate Professor at HKU SPACE Senior Executive Academy
President, China Law Research Association

Dr Eric Tsang is an expert in comparative law. He has been engaged in business consulting, professional operation and management services for over 20 years and has extensive experience in economic and legal operations. One of his major tasks in recent years is to solve the responsibility assignment of cross-disciplinary and cross-jurisdictional areas for government agencies and related enterprises.  

In the meantime, Dr Tsang and his international team also provide overseas investors with advisory services on Chinese investments, especially healthcare related investments. He studies and teaches the application of comparative jurisprudence, with a particular emphasis on the cross-jurisdictional practices.  

Dr Tsang also has many years of teaching experience in tertiary institutions and professional organizations. Currently, Dr Tsang is an adjunct professor at several universities in the Mainland and overseas, and an executive director of Guangdong Institute of Foreign Investment Law. He is also a founding member of the British Institute of Leadership and Management.