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Key Details

Class schedule:

Part-time mode, one module everytime, 15 months


Hong Kong. Overseas modules will be taught at Singapore and Cambridge University, UK

Medium of Instruction:

English (translation provided) and Mandarin

​​Next Intake:

7th Cohort, Commencement in Sep 2022

In the era while globalization and regionalization take place at the same time, Asian companies face challenges from both local and global market. It becomes increasingly important for business leaders to adopt both global and local perspectives, aware of both structural change and local dynamics, capable of leading innovation and dealing with complexity in a drastically changing world.

Focusing on three key elements of general management: business drivers, management skills, as well as corporate culture, this programme guides students to analyse the key challenges that senior executives would face when expanding their enterprise globally or regionally, and equip them with essential tools for success in senior management.







首席执行官CEO(Chief Executive Officer),首席变革官CTO(Chief Transformation Officer),首席创新官CIO(Chief Innovation Officer),首席人力资源官CHO(Chief Human Resource Officer)和首席营销官CMO(Chief Marketing Officer)等首席官和高管,如何在战略调整上相亘配合,协同管理上实现效应,决定了企业创新和变革的能力,拥抱风险和应对危机的能力,以及能否利用创新技术和多元文化提高竞争力。









International Exposure
With both leading scholars from internationally-acclaimed universities and business leaders across the world joining the faculty team, as well as the overseas module through the partnership with Cambridge Business School, the programme equips students with the international exposure which is key for success in today’s economy;

Critical Issues in Senior Management
With a specific focus on corporate value enhancement, the programme will address critical issues that senior management have to deal with (i.e., innovation, financing, organizational change, smart business, brand management, cross-cultural management, corporate sustainability), aiming to equip students with essential tools for successful enterprise expansion.

Global Alumni Network
Students will join a global community with outstanding academia and alumni network across the world. The various alumni events (i.e., seminars, forums, visits) will not only enable you to broaden your network but also to think and work on a global scale.

Internationally-recognized Certificate
Students who completed all required modules and passed all assessments will be awarded the “Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Expansion and Risk Management”, a postgraduate qualification recognized by countries across the world, which include but not limited to United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, India, Chile, Brazil, Singapore.

This programme is for C-level executives from various industries. Applicants must have at least 10 years of working experience and at least 8 years of management experience.

The programme aims to provide systematic and professional trainings to the senior management of an organization. Through drawing on overseas experience in business growth and expansion strategies, brand management and personnel management, the students would be able to maximize returns on the enterprise resources, balance the risks involved and take into account the corporate social responsibility and business ethics and ultimately the operations and management of an organization at international level would be developed.

Programme Intended Learning Outcome:

  • Critically analyse both the internal and external environments for the organisation, and establish strategies in line with the organisational needs of international development;
  • Through drawing on experience in global operations, establish appropriate measures for all major areas of an organisation to enhance returns on its local or multinational business;
  •  Apply risk management concepts related to international operations, and establish proposals to foster the healthy development of organisations;
  • Design a corporate governance system to integrate the concepts of corporate social responsibility and business ethics;
  • Collect, integrate and analyze data for the organisation in formulating and implementing global operations and management strategies.
  • Utilise cutting-edge business knowledge to build good internal and external relationships with business partners, society and public.
  • Residential Workshop @ HKU — From Being Excellent To Exceeding;


  • Innovation Strategy for Corporate Expansion


  • M&A and Corporate Restructuring

  • Corporate Competency and Organisation Design

  • Risk Management


  • Corporate Governance and Compliance Management


  • Diversity and Cross-cultural Management

  • International Expansion and Business Negotiations


  • Innovation and Co-opetition Boundary

  • Overseas Study Tour: University of Cambridge


  • Final Project


Elective Modules:

  • Social Media and Big Data in Marketing


  • Marketing Audit and ROI Management


The faculty team is composed of leading scholars and business leaders across the world. With extensive experience in both the industry and academia, EERM Faculty team will bring both global and local perspectives for the students.


Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Expansion and Risk Management
Students who successfully completed the non-credit bearing module "Residential Workshop", and all the assessment of the 9 credit-bearing modules, will be awarded the certificate “Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Expansion and Risk Management”.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree awarded by a recognized university;
  • Hold a senior management positions within current organization
  • Have at least 10 years of relevant work experience
  • Be recommended/sponsored by current working institution

Programme Fees

Tuition fee:                                  

HKD 348,000
(The tuition fee includes the cost of teaching materials and accommodation. The cost of transportation expenses and student visa fee are not included.)

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In order to encourage ICB and SEA alumni to practice the concept of "lifelong learning" and move toward higher career goals, SEA will set up the "ICB and SEA Alumni Lifelong Learning Scholarship" (HK$30,000 for each eligible alumni) to support continuous breakthroughs and excellence, and continue their studies and pursue a series of executive courses offered by SEA in conjunction with the world's top educational institutions such as Cambridge University Business School, Harvard Medical School and KEDGE Business School.


China Mainland - North China & West China
Ms Alma He
Tel: (010) 6596 9929
Address: Room 01-03, 28/F, Phase 3, Fortune Plaza, Dongsanhuan Zhong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PRC


China Mainland - East China
Mr Quaker Gui
Tel: (021) 5065 3196
Address: Room 021, 4/F, Hang Seng Bank Tower, 1000 Lujiazui Ring Rd, LuJiaZui , Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai, PRC
China Mainland - South China
Ms Crystal Feng
Tel: (0755) 8279 4889
Address: Unit BC, Floor 11, Tower A, NEO Building , 6011 Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen 518040, PRC
Hong Kong
Ms Jessy Gao
Tel: (852) 2975 5825
Address: 8/F, T.T. Tsui Building, Pokfulam Road, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong