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Mr Ray Yuen
Mr Ray Yuen
Senior Programme Director / College Principal Lecturer of HKU SPACE Senior Executive Academy
Mr Yuen graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Master of Business Administration degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation from the City University of Hong Kong. Mr Yuen completed his Diploma in Medical Counselling from the School of Continuing Education of Hong Kong Baptist University with honors.

Mr Yuen has 28 years of experience in media and digital video content communication management, marketing, business development, production, and post-secondary education promotion and communications.

He has worked as a management position for major international and local media and content producers such as Time Warner Group, Fox Media Group (formerly Star Media), Changjiang Hutchison Industrial Co., Ltd. satellite TV channels (Hong Kong TOM Group), Hong Kong East Network, Hong Kong Cable TV, Oriental Glamour Group and Asia Television, and led the team to expand its media and digital content management, marketing, communications and production business in Hong Kong, Chinese mainland, Asia and Europe.

Mr Yuen was invited to develop into the tertiary education sector in 2011. He is currently the Head of the Department of Marketing Management and The Principal Lecturer of the Advanced Program and College of the SPACE China Business School of the University of Hong Kong, and the Co-Ordinating Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural and Creative Management at the HKU SPACE Senior Executive Academy. He expects to develop teaching through positive interaction with the students.

Mr Yuen has extensive experience in traditional, innovative media and cross-platform marketing in various professional positions while working for major local and international media organizations. He is adept at planning and executing creative and forward-looking marketing initiatives with limited resources, for example, when the app boom was just beginning in Hong Kong, Mr Yuen and his team pioneered the first major election campaign in the industry, "Top 10 My Favorite Hong Kong Apps", which was warmly welcomed and promoted the development of the local app industry.