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Executive Postgraduate Diploma Programmes


International Exposure

With both leading scholars from internationally-acclaimed universities and business leaders across the world joining the faculty team, as well as the overseas module through the partnership with Cambridge Business School, the programmes equips students with the international exposure which is key for success in today’s economy.


New Perspectives and Systemic Analytical Framework

We will focus on the important issues faced by corporations, exploring core factors from various perspectives to provide a systemic analytical framework which will allow students to deepen their understanding of the issues and reflect on their own experiences. Students will be inspired to find practical ways of leading their colleagues through organizational change and facing future challenges.


Global Alumni Network

Students will join a global community with outstanding academia and alumni network across the world. The various alumni events (i.e., seminars, forums, visits, study tours) will not only enable you to broaden your network but also to think and work on a global scale.


Internationally-recognised Certificate

Students who complete all the required modules and pass all assessments will be awarded a “Postgraduate Diploma”, a postgraduate qualification recognised by many countries around the world.


Executive Development Programmes

Global Master Workshop 


Immersive Storytelling in Digital Entertainment


Agile Innovation & Design Thinking


Innovating Innovating: Becoming a Digital Leader


Consumer Experience Marketing in Global Luxury Industry


Breakthrough Marketing in a Digital Age